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If you want to know about classified sites list which do not require registration. Read this article

Hello and Welcome to our new blog. Today we are going to share list of latest classified Sites without any registration.

Classified sites are the place where you can post ads for your products/service. Classified websites really boom the traffic on your website. It surely will increase the sales as well.

There are two types of classified websites:

  1. Paid
  2. Unpaid

If you have a budget for marketing you should go for paid ads. on the other hand if you don’t have huge amount of budget for marketing and don’t have enough time to create accounts on each and every website to post ads. We covered it for you. We are going to share a list of classified sites where you can post ads for free. You don’t need to pay. It will not ask you for any registration. First let’s talk about the benefits of those websites.

Promote your brand on internet

Classified submissions helps your business to grow, it drives traffic to your websites and that traffic will be converted to your customer.

Promoting business on the internet will increase the brand awareness as well. Internet is a huge market and you will be connected to millions of customers globally, hence huge the market increased the chances of sales.

Free to Use

The best thing about such website is, it is free to use. You can use these platforms for posting ads about services/products and it will cost you nothing. What’s better than this? There are many websites like OLX, Quickr, Locanto and many more where you can post ads.


These not only help in driving traffic and increasing sales but it will also help you to strong your SEO game. Most of these websites provide, free DoFollow backlinks, which is good for your websites.       

Easy to post

These websites provide easy user interface, people can post ads easily. It is easy to use, even non-technical person can use these website for ad posting.

We have discussed the benefits, now I am going to share the links:

These websites will not only post your ads, or increase number of backlinks for your website but will also increase DA (Domain Authority) of your website

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