Free SEO Tools that can Boost your Rankings

Free SEO tools that can boost your rankings
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In this article, we are going to talk about Best Free SEO tools which can help you rank higher on Search Engine.

People think Search Engine Optimization required a large amount of investment but this is not the truth. People just need the right information to work on and you will save a great amount of money. There are so many different tools and techniques that cost you nothing but you can earn a lot from those SEO techniques. So Let’s dive into the Free SEO tools which you must use for your Website.


here in this article we have shared a list of free SEO tools that can boost your SEO rankings. Must check out the list.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most used Plugin for SEO in WordPress. It is available free and also in the premium version. The free version will be good enough for you. This tool will help you in setting up the on-page SEO of your website.

Let’s discuss important capabilities of Free version of Yoast

One Keyword for One Content: Yoast will tell you the required density of your keywords. It will pinpoint if you are using it excessively or not using it enough. This is important because on-page SEO is the main factor for rank boosting.

Check Readability: It is not directly proportional to SEO but it is important to check how your readers are viewing your content. So make sure it shows a green sign for readability as well. It also shows Flesch Reading Ease Score to determine how easy your content is for reading. It will help you to improve the quality of your content.

Duplicate Content: Another important capability of Yoast is that it can check the duplicate content for you so you can save yourself from Google penalties. Google has strict policies about duplicate content so this is one the thing you need to avoid.

Paid Version of SEO Yoast: Although Yoast provides so many functionalities in free version but its premium has its own importance which includes:

  • Redirect messages for 404 errors
  • Internal link suggestions to boost internal link optimization
  • You can check the density of multiple keywords.

So initially free version is enough for your business and if you follow all the guidelines provided by Yoast you can surely have great rankings on Search Engines.

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Google Analytics

Google analytics is applicable to all kinds of websites like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and many other CMS. It has so many features which can help you to analyze your blog. You can create your account for free. Check out the features of Google Analytics.

Set Goals: In Google analytics setting up a goal means how many people have signed up for a newsletter or any kind of metric that you think can help you to get insights.

Live Traffic Insights: this helps you check how much traffic you are getting by month, by day or by year. It also tells you how much live traffic is currently available on your website.

Audience Report: Google Analytics will generate free reports for you. Data includes

  • Session
  • Pageviews
  • Users
  • Bounce Rates
  • Average Session Duration

Google Analytics is the best way to get insights from where you are getting traffic for your website so you can target that audience particularly. This really helps in improving SEO for your website because you have all the required insights.

Paid Google Analytics: Initially, it’s free but if you are getting traffic more than 10 million in a month you have to pay Google $150,000/ year. This amount also includes services Google drive integration and 24/7 support from Google.

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Ahref Backlink Checker

Ahref is a big name in terms of SEO tools. It is a paid tool. But their backlink checker is free. This free tool helps you to check the number of backlinks each domain has.

URL Rating and Domain Rating: Ahref doesn’t share how it calculates the domain rating but the rating itself gives you a good idea where your website stands and how strong is your domain.

URL Rating: this number (out of 100) will tell you how strong your Backlinks profile is. It gives the ranking on the basis of internal links and external links.

Domain Rating: This number will tell you about backlink popularity. How strong your backlinking game is.  

Ahref Paid Version: a Paid version of Ahref has so much functionality. It allows you to audit your website as well and gives you so many suggestions to improve the SEO of your website. It generates reports about site health and also tells you about keyword tracking and visibility of Search Engine Optimization.

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Mozbar is also in the list of free SEO tools. It is a free extension that gives you an idea about the structure website and you can get a structural idea about your website. Let’s check the functionalities.

On-Page Elements: Mozbar can tell you about the following elements

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta keywords
  • The H1 and H2
  • Alt – text

You can find the character count for each as well.

Link Metrics: Mozbar provides 3 other kinds of information as well.

  • Page load time
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority
  • Total links
  • External do Follow links.

All this information requires you to create an account on the Mozbar website which is free.

Understanding other Sites: If you are stepping your foot in the SEO world, it is a good thing for you as it will get you an what should you do to improve and how you can improve.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google always rescue you from paying high amounts. Keyword researching is one of the basic parts of SEO and it is one of the most important parts as well. The whole SEO game is based on Keywords, which keywords you are using, what are the search volumes, etc. Google Keyword Planner gives you all the details about keywords like Keyword CPC, Average Volume Search, and Competition of the keywords. This tool is the must-have tool in your Free SEO tools list. It can do wonders for you if you properly use it.

  • Right keyword for your content.
  • Comparing keywords for you based on searches, clicks, and impressions.
  • Provides CPC of each keyword
  • Competition of each keyword.

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Screaming Frog Spider

A must-have tool for beginners especially. It can give you an idea about how a search engine will crawl your website. And how you can improve the look and feel of your website to search engines. This tool takes a bit of time to process as compared to other tools we have discussed already. Few important things to consider are:

Redirects:  It will give you a list of all broken links available on your website. Broken links should be fixed immediately.

Page Title: Screaming frog will also tell you about Page titles of your website. Make sure page titles aren’t duplicate as it will badly affect your SEO.

Content Report: Another very useful feature of the screaming frog is that it can create content reports for you. You can export that content report.     

Website Overview: this is the best tool if you want to get an overview of an entire website. It will generate backend details for you as well like HTML, CSS, and javascript. It will also generate Total internal links report, external links reports.

Screaming Fog has both a free and paid version. Start with the free version and if your website grows to go for the paid version as well.

Uber Suggest

It is the tool provided by one of the most famous Digital Marketer Neil Patel. This is the best free tool if you want to audit your website. This tool has so many features so you make sure you should use this tool. Let’s check out the features of Uber Suggest

On-Page SEO Checker: Uber suggest provide a very good feature of On-page SEO checker. It can help you determine the on-page issues of your website. You can improve those errors. It will show the exact page o errors so you don’t have to hassle much.

Backlink Checker: Uber Suggest will also tell you about the number of backlinks your website have. We have also discussed Ahref for this but you can use any of the tools both are reliable tools.

Keyword Research: through Uber Suggest you can do keyword research as well. It can provide you details about keywords. It can also suggest keywords with respect to your domains. Just enter the domain name and it will get you the suggestions.

Keyword Track: Through Uber Suggest you can track the position of your keywords. Where it stands on search engine rankings. That’s really helpful.

Uber Suggest is a complete SEO tool, you can say All in one SEO tool which provides all the required information on one platform.

We have discussed Free SEO Tools that can play a vital role in boosting your rank in search engines. All these are free tools and must check all the tools.

I hope you enjoyed the list, if you are using any of these, feel free to comment down and tell me what benefits you are getting out of these.   

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