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If you need a guide to build backlinks. This article is for you.


If you are creating backlinks and still you are not getting good numbers, there might be something you are doing wrong.

I am here to tell all of you that you are not the only one who feels all this. People with expertise in SEO finds it difficult to create backlinks. It is a challenging work without any doubt.

If the queries are increasing so as their answers but most of the people who claim to be expert end up confusing people more. The tips they provide you are of no use sometimes. Nobody wants to waste their time in creating links on different website but getting no results.

In this article, we will discuss many of the best ways to get backlinks in the easiest way and backlinks that will provide you with the best SEO results and also help you to get better ranking,

Creating backlinks used to be an easy job before because back then all types of backlinks are approved but now with time, things have changed and today only high quality and relevant backlinks are approved.

Guide to build backlinks with good SEO results?

Following points are the guide to build backlinks


The basic and most important tip to follow is to not listen to anyone around. Most of the people out there tell you tips that are irrelevant and doesn’t help you to grow your SEO results.

The best way to learn is to do research by yourself and apply experiments to have your point. We have a tip for you, create a website for you and test all the experiments there to have your results.


If you think, making a website and an article can give you backlinks immediately, you are thinking wrong. You need to wait as natural and prominent links takes time. Getting links is difficult but not impossible. It just takes time.

You have to continuously write blog posts and create backlinks which then result in better SEO results.


One of the most common methods is to invite a guest to write articles for your website in your niche and also choose the best website and write the right post. Make sure you write the post with the purpose more than just having a backlink.

List of Guest Post website

Make sure you have a grip on the topic so that you can stand out from the crowd. Try to find websites that have an option like “write for us”. you can find this on a few websites only.

Try and find websites with these descriptions and always write for the pages who are highly reputable. Make sure you write for websites who have better value than your website else you will have to get the links that have no value.

There are various tools available which will help you to find websites with higher domain authority and like SEO metrics that will monitor your backlinks and help you to get many.

Write articles and blog post more than one time for each website. This will help you to build relations. Always try to have collaborations and relations to show you have not only come to get backlinks.


Getting traffic and having a follower is important. Always put your email at the end of the guest article so that you can be easily tracked. Make sure you attach your social media handles there too to get traffic.

This is my experiment, writing a post as a guest writer helps you get more followers, traffic and better. I wrote a high-quality article in my niche for websites with high domain rates than my website. This helps me with not only getting backlinks but also with great SEO results.


The basic mistake that most of the SEO experts do is, they comment same and leave footprints which make the links look fake and not natural. Learn to never use the same basic description every time.

Most people are not aware, but always try to use a different name and always change your bio. By following this tip, you can make your link new and natural every time and it will never be tracked by others.

Making backlinks is not an easy job. It takes your time and more efforts than you think. If the website you are choosing real so that only you can create backlinks with writing good content and engaging as many people as you can. 

You got two ways, either create it or get it. If you get it through the website of high domain value, your SEO result will be great.

There are many ways for creating a link and not every time every way work for everyone. Always try to find news ways and do experience and take time to decide which way suits you and your product website the best.


No matter where you are and what you are doing, competitors are always there. Make notes of what your competitors are trying, make your strategy and start working on it.  In this way, you can build links too.

What are the Methods:

All the methods that you can use to make backlinks are mentioned below:

  • By commenting on blogs
  • Allow guest posting and try to write long and quality article as a guest writer.
  • Use broken link method.
  • Make links by using infographic technique.
  • Use technique of skyscraper.
  • Always write articles for the website of the same niche.
  • Always add proper bio-data and email at the end of each blog.

As there are few backlinks you want to have, the same there are few backlinks you should avoid to have.

What are the backlinks you don’t want to build?

The backlinks you should always try to avoid are the ones which are spamming. These backlinks are the one you should avoid to have in your list.

Lets us give you some examples to make you understand what kind of backlinks are worst to add in your list.

1. Pages and websites which have very less content as their blog post. You can create backlinks through these websites but the value of your SEO results will be less. So always try to avoid creating a link on websites that are themselves growing.

2. there are few websites available that are created for SEO only but the backlinks provided by these websites have no value. These websites include all the websites like directory websites, social bookmarking website and article directories. Google doesn’t give good SEO results of the backlinks created on these websites. The worst that can happen with these websites that once you have created a backlink you can’t undo it. So you need to avoid such websites to have better SEO values and results.

3. the third reason why you don’t get better SEO results are because of the spamming comments you do. If you comment the same thing on every other website, Google will never give you good SEO score. By doing this you even lose your ranking which is not a good sign at all.


All the above-mentioned points are the reason you get bad SEO results. To avoid getting bad scores, try to avoid all of it.

There are some monitors and tools are available which will help you to find the bad backlinks. The tools are available. You just need to make one account and login to check the bad backlinks by the domain authority provided. These monitors have select options which help you in sorting the backlinks.

Sorting your backlinks means, observing the SEO value of each backlink and knowing which website has given you backlink of great value and so that you can improve your overall SEO results. In this way, you will be aware of all the websites which are helping or faking it by providing backlinks of low values.

Always try to apply these methods and also get your own experience by using all the techniques so that in the end you can choose from the list. The monitor tools are available from where you can create, know and control the SEO results of your content.

Making backlinks need proper efforts which can be put by only that person who has proper knowledge on the topic. It is always an important thing to know all these methods and you should be always applying it to get proper results.

Also there exist so many Backlink checker tools like
1. Ahref
2. Semrush
3. small SEO Tools
4. UberSuggest
you can use these to check number of backlinks your website have. Ahref and Smrush are paid but small SEO tools and uberSuggest are free backlink checker tools

I hope this article “guide to build backlinks” will give you enough knowledge on how to build backlinks and how to improve your SEO results.

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