How to Write SEO Optimised Articles

how to write SEO optimised article
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We are going to talk about SEO optimised Content Writing

Writing a content on Social Media and blog is easy but if you want to generate better results, you have to create SEO optimized content. Writing online SEO posts with high quality and more number of words help you get more traffic on your website and to grab the attention of most of the people finding things in your niche.

For this, you need to write a new and fresh article every day. Interesting content is the key to grab the attention of customers. Writing an article with good SEO value needs proper research before putting up together each word. You can only get better results by practicing and building your results in a good way.

Is there is a secret in content writing?

Yes, there is. There are a few tricks and tips you can try and get better rankings. These secrets are simple. You just need to know about your topic.

The following ways are the secret on the professional SEO writers, which is not that much difficult to blend in.

  • Your topic must be new and fresh so that it engages more people.
  • Find the perfect keyword for your topic.
  • Use the keyword as many time as possible.
  • Try to write high quality and long article or block post for your website.
  • Use different tools and analytics.
  • Always edit your article as given guidelines on tools.
  • To have good SEO results, you should know the basic SEO techniques.
  • Find one or become you own online PR agency.
  • Have patience, becoming an expert always takes time.

Understanding these tips needs a proper review. So in this article, the aim is to make you all people vigilant about the topic.


You are not likely to get a proper response if your topic of writing is too boring and dry. It is the core responsibility of the professional writer to search for new and fresh ideas and topic to write a blog post on.

What’s the point of writing 500-1000 words when no one cares. People don’t like dry long articles, whereas you need long articles to get better SEO results. The people who will be going to read your article have come to gain knowledge, try to use as simple words as you can.

The main mistakes that writers do are that they write blogs with only thought of getting Google ranking forgetting the fact that if people won’t understand it you will eventually get no good score at all.

You know you are dealing with your competitors too. There are many bloggers, a writer who is running the same niche of websites and trying to pen down the same topics, which means you need to stand out with your unique research and words.

Readers want to have new knowledge, knowledge on the topic they are searching for but in the same place better and unique than others providing it.


People have less knowledge about business than you do. Try to use this as your advantage. Find keywords that suits your business the most. the list is easily available in different tools. Research and find out first what are the most searched words in the niche and try to use these keywords as many times as possible.
with right keywords your content writing will improve and will get ranked on search engines

Learn about keyword research

There are many tools available which somehow will help you to know your grades. These tools keep tracks of all the keywords you have used and whether you are targeting the right words or not. There are many tools available, out of which many give you fake results too. Try to avoid these websites and find some which give with proper rankings.


Finding a keyword that suits best with your business is the half part, the remaining half is the most difficult one because there you have to use these keywords in your article as many times as possible. For good SEO results, it is necessary to put this keyword in your article. Not every time the keyword you choose is good enough to give you great SEO results. Sometimes the words are not of great value.

The tools available have options from which you can easily check and select the keyword which has the most search volume. The tools which will tell you about your SEO score also give you detail guidelines on how you can get better results.

The first guide tells you to use your keyword in the title and then in the first 300 words. This is important and the compulsory part. After this, you can use the same keyword in different places with variations so that it will make your SEO score better.

The keywords are the quickest way audience can reach you, make sure when you use a keyword you are explaining the keyword with points. This way you can grab the attention. If the reader doesn’t feel like reading it and giving it more than 2 minutes, you are not likely to get better results.


If you are opting SEO writing and digital marketing as your career, know that, simple writing and SEO writing has a huge difference. If you want your content to get better SEO results, you need to write as much content as you can.

This requires your searching skills. If you are not aware of the topic yourself, how will you give knowledge to your audience? Try to find a keyword on which you can write most about. An article with keywords more than 600 can give you a better SEO score. If you can write 1000 and more words, more than good. Go for it.

The more words you will pen down, there is more chance for you to get better ranks and scores. It is our own experience that content with 1500 – 2000 words get great results.

Always try to achieve this benchmark of 1000+ words, if you want to get better SEO results and Google rankings.


You are done writing, editing, and posting? Do you think it is done? Right? NO!

There starts the last part. You are supposed to check your article through different Google analytics. Make sure you have access to different tools. Check your ranking. If the graph is rising, make sure to write stuff that will boost it more. if the graph is steady, try to write a more inspiring and knowledgeable article.

There are many analyst tools available which will guide you with all the basic guidelines that will help your website to get better Google rankings. There are few set standards and following them gives you an advantage.


If you want to be a professional SEO writer, make sure you have the sight that can be your own biggest critics. People will have a review after you are done posting, but before all this make sure you point out your own mistakes to improve and for better results.

Softwares like Microsoft Word, Google docs are available which make the work a little bit easier as there are many options through which you can check and correct your spellings and grammar.

Editing is not just correcting your mistakes. Make sure you have a good format and the article is fulfilling all the standards of writing.

If you have someone who can point your mistakes and help you to edit all your mistakes, ask for their help and edit your work before posting it.


To be a professional SEO writer, know all the SEO techniques first. Learn all the SEO boosting tools and get better rankings. All the mentioned ways are the path to get better results.

Professional SEO writer, this term demands the special skills and innovative mind to create new and fresh content using the perfect keyword and to make sure how you deliver your point, with an exceptional marketing strategy.

Your efforts and time are of no use if the content is not interesting and powerful enough. To make the readers understand, you need to make sure you are delivering new information with a lot of mysterious parts so that this way you can easily grab your reader’s attention.

8.      PR AGENCY:

For SEO results, just content writing isn’t enough. If you are done writing an article, make sure you use all your social media contacts to share it.

SEO is not done until you use all the available ways to viral it. Make sure you send the link to everyone and post it all the social media handles you have. Social media sites and Professional SEO content writing go together always.

Use your social media handles to let people know about the fresh content you have posted. This will help you to get more audience and will also engage the attention of the previous one.

There are various ways you can let people know about your new blog. The best is to share a summary with the link. Make sure the title and the summary are good enough to grab the attention of readers.


Patience is the key! Let me tell you this again, you need to be patient, you need to wait. SEO results graph always take time to rise. Professionally writing for better SEO content is not an easy job, it is not like simple writing stuff. It is a skill and you can’t pro it overnight.

Its like learning new stuff every day. If you are working as a company, your client will ask you for thousands of changes which means editing and writing stuff for thousand times again. All these require your patience.

It is so impractical thinking that you will be highly paid by Google on your first attempt. A BIG NO! you just need to little more focus, start practicing more and there you are, your website is going to get better ranks over the duration of time.

It is like a roller coaster ride, there will be falls yet there will be the time you will be on the top. Just be patient and work on your business with more efforts.

Even using all these tricks and guides, people end up getting no results. It is just like not everything’s meant to be for everyone. You can be a writer but for SEO and digital marketing, it requires more skills than just being a writer. The struggle is a part of everyone’s journey. People with great writing skills also suffer a lot.

You cant have all the expertise, while the people running a digital marketing company have got all these skills. Visit us on our website amtechx. We, as a software company provides you digital marketing, SEO and web development along with best content writing. Contact us, we can provide you all the services you want.

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