How to get Adsense Approval Fast

How to get Adsense Approval
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If you want to learn how to get adsense approval fast, read along

What is AdSense?

I hope you have all heard about the advertising platforms and how they help your website in ranking and making money. Google AdSense is one the most reliable platform which is used for websites where as it is also the one who give highest pay.

The process to get Google AdSense is not easy. You need to go through a long process to get the approval. There are ways through which you can get your AdSense approved.

Every time we write, we tell you about the easiest ways you can start blogging and to make money. Starting a blog is the first thing and then applying things to get money out of it is another, Google AdSense is a platform which merely helps you to make money out of your blogging website.

After creating your blogging website you need to make sure that your Google AdSense gets approved. In this way you can make more money out of it.

The process is slow and needs efforts and there are also some niches that have been blocked. Make sure you read the article properly, in this way you will get all the answers easily and Google AdSense approval too.

The factors on which Google AdSense depends are:

  • Optimization Revenue
  • What’s the websites Niche
  • Traffic

The payment rolls are different according to the website’s niche. Some of them are highly paid with dollars like $1 to $20 while some of the niches are low paid where the amount paid is less than $0.01. All the payment roll will be discussed when your Google AdSense account will be approved.

To approve, you need to follow some criteria’s which will then help you to make money out of it.

The below article include following headings, with a purpose to let you know about the approval process whereas also then help you to generate money through it. Let’s start the article with how you can get your Google AdSense Account approved.

Approval for Google AdSense Account:

Getting AdSense account is not an easy task.  Google AdSense is a one of the highly paid advertising platform. There are various rules made by the Google AdSense which you need to follow if you want your AdSense account to get approved. 

Daily marketing is a digital marketing website where you can get all the information about SEO and wordPress and how you can make money through this.

You can’t get Google AdSense account approval in a minute, you need to follow the Google criteria, and AdSense account will be approved if your website has passed all the explained steps. 

  • Need to write new and high quality Content.
  • Your Website niche is important.
  • All about the speed and structure.
  • TLD.
  • Language is a key point.
  • Information should be right.

To write new and high quality Content:

This is the first and the most important key step. Content with new and fresh knowledge on current topics helps in getting better SEO score where as it is the most important factor in AdSense account approval.

Learn how to write SEO optimised article

The first thing you need to know is that, if you are willing to get your Google AdSense account approved, you need to make sure to not take any material from other website. To get your account approved, make sure to write on some new and hot affairs and on new unique topics of your niche. 

Google AdSense doesn’t approve your website if you have few articles posted on your website; you need at least 20 articles also with words more than 1000 to get your AdSense account approved.

Niche is Important:

There are few website Niche that Google AdSense has blocked.  If your website is about the niche that is no longer open on Google AdSense, how will you get your account approved? So basically, your niche is the as important as your content. There are few niches which have been blocked; few on the list are arrowed below. If you have written anything about these keyword and niches, make sure you delete the content. Doing this might help you in getting your Google AdSense account approved.

If you have anything related to this niche in your website, it is nearly impossible for your website to get the AdSense approval. The list includes:

  • Content related to adult
  • About hacking and cracking
  • Any weapon and gun
  • About drugs
  • Any Illegal stuff

All about the Speed and Structure:

The internet is so high these days which means the competition with competitors is high too. The people don’t wait for websites to get load slowly, they switch to other websites of same niche in next second. Google AdSense approval wants the website to open in no time. If your website is taking a lot of viewer’s time, you are not going to get the approval.

The world is changing, developing getting modern day by day. People now days are always on their phone. Everyone use internet on their phone more and do almost all of their work on mobile phone. It is the point you need to pick that your website must be mobile friendly. If your website is not opening on the phones, it is the high time you think to change the features or else the Google AdSense account approval is way out your league. 

Well just as the speed matters, the structure matters too. The structure means the appearance. If a viewer is visiting your website, the client viewer needs the things to be arranged in a way so that it will be easier for them to go where they want to. For Google AdSense account approval, you need to ace sure your website is also user friendly. The themes with arranged space are available on internet. Choose your theme wisely and make sure it turns out beneficial for your website.

TLD and Pages:

TLD, mean Top Level Domain. There are few domains which get approvals from Adsense fast. These domains are:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net

These domains are highly potential and they get easily approved by the Google AdSense. You can also get approved on domain of specific country like:

  • .uk
  • .in

The top level domains are highly in demand so it’s a friendly advice, if you are up to making new website or to start a new blog, use the Top level domains as it will give you better opportunity to get your AdSense approved early.  

For fast account approval, along with domain, you need to have some pages that are listed in Google’s criteria list. The pages that your site must have to get the fast approval include:

  • About
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer

Make sure you have added these pages on your website before you have applied for the AdSense account approval.

Language is the key

Google has restriction for languages. There are only few languages that Google approves. The primary language that Google approves is:

  • English
  • Hindi

To get fast AdSense approval, try to write your content in these languages.

Information should be right:

This is the last step. After you have all completed all the steps according to criteria, you can now fill your form to get the AdSense approval. The form has various columns that you need to fill will correct information about your website.

To fill the form you need to remember few points which are:

  • Apply using single account.
  • Don’t make multiple accounts.
  • Make sure you never apply for the website that has been once blocked by Google AdSense.
  • Use your email.
  • Always use correct address.

If you are doing in a way you are fulfilling all the Google criteria, you will get your Google AdSense account approval fast. The process takes time to let the website work so be patient. The minimum time taken by Google is 1 month to review all the steps and criteria and after that you will be permitted and approved by Google for your AdSense advertising account.

Daily marketing is one of the digital marketing website, where you can find all the information related to WordPress, SEO marketing, content writing and how you can earn money through SEO and Google AdSense.

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