WordPress Website Speed: How to Increase Load Time

How to increase wordpress website Speed
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In this article I am going to talk about WordPress website speed

Want to speed Up WordPress Website Load Time? Want to Optimize WordPress Website Speed?

If you are facing similar issues like your wordpress slow loading, or it takes so much time to load then this article is for you. Speed up your wordpress website as it helps a lot in increasing your visitors and ultimately your revenue.

People are using WordPress for different kinds of websites like

  • E commerce
  • Blog
  • Learning Management system
  • Business website

There are many more uses of wordpress and everyone is using in its own way. I have tried to suggest free plugins but in terms of speeding up wordpress Website you need to spend few bucks. If you are new to wordpress, I am suggesting you a plugin just buy that plugin and it will do wonders for you in few clicks.

WordPress Speed Test

  Before buying anything or installing any plugin for wordpress load speed. Just go through the following links for WordPress Speed Test.

  1. Page Speed Insights by Google
  2. Pingdom
  3. GTMetrix

Now analyze your website by using these three free tools for analyzing website (You can check any kind of website on these tools) and take a screenshot. After that follow the tips I am going to mention below and see the difference by yourself.

Important Tip

Before doing any changes to the website or adding any plugins, backup your data. We are going to make changes to the database. Make sure you have backed up your data before doing anything.

Below are some tips which you should use for speed up wordpress website. But it requires some technical knowledge. Just make sure you don’t mess up things here.

Why Speed is Important?

New algorithm of Google ranking websites on the basis of speed. If website is not opening within 2-3 seconds the user will move to the other website if same issue keep persisting. You will start losing your users.

High-speed websites generate more Google Adsense income than low-speed websites.

Great website loading speed => Ads will load Fast => More Impressions => More Clicks => More Revenue.

It’s a complete cycle. Website loading speed time is really necessary, especially in this competitive digital world.     

Optimizing WordPress Website Speed:

Now sharing tips to optimize wordpress website speed.

Don’t use so many Plugins

Plugins possess a great importance in wordpress website but using too many plugins can slow down your wordpress website speed.

Solution: try to use minimum plugins in your wordpress website. Check your plugins setting if you find any plugin which is not in use delete it simply. Don’t keep unnecessary plugins in your wordpress website.

Keep updating your wordpress plugins and use one plugins for cache. This can remove your cache and can clean your website with cache.

Use Optimized Images   

Images play an important role in any website. If you use so many images in articles, there are changes it will get slow down

Solution: It’s solution is to use optimized images. There are two ways to optimize images

1.      Use image compressors. They are available online

2.      Use optimization plugins for wordpress.

Image Compression and Image lazy loading are two recommended plugins for wordpress. You can use any other of your own choice.

Select the latest responsive & fast WordPress themes:

We all know the important of theme in wordpress. The whole design based on theme. If your theme is old like from 2015 or somewhere near that. It’s time to change theme I think. Use latest and responsive wordpress theme.

There has been a massive change and new themes are designed to load fast. Google’s new update state that if theme is not responsive or taking a lot of time to load you are not going to rank on Google even if you have great content. So use latest and updated themes to obtain high rankings.

Optimized Web-hosting for WordPress:

A common mistake found among the blogger is that, we don’t make right choice while selecting hosting. Do not use local hosting which is not optimized for wordpress.

Use branded hosting like Godaddy, Blue host etc.

Avoid too many Ads and Scripts

Ads are the only source of income especially for bloggers. So when their advertising account is approved they fill their content with so many ads. Try not to over use your ads in content. On average use 3-4 ads in 1000 words articles. If you have a large content then use 5-6 ads per article.

Google Adsense and media.net are providing optimized ads use these advertising companies.

Reduce DNS lookup

Here you will require technical knowledge. If you don’t have technical knowledge take help from Web Developers.

DNS lookup, one of the reasons which slow down your wordpress website. It is the common issue caused by 3rd party scripts and many people face it. Follow these steps along.  

  1. Open tools.pingdom.com
  2. Run a speed test first.
  3. Scroll down and Filter the results based on DNS load time.
  4. You will see a result like a screenshot below:

Screenshot shows which 3rd party script causing website speed slow. To solve this issues follow these steps.

1. Remove or replace the script:

2. Use a fast DNS provider

3. Start using CDN

4. Implement DNS Prefetching in WordPress


In this article we have seen what are the causes which can slow down your speed and solutions to all those problems.

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