How to earn money online
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Today we will talk about how to make money online through your blog

Now a days everyone wants to earn money online. making online money isn’t easy as you have to face so many challenges and tackle so much frauds. One of the finest way to earn money online is blogging, I am not sure about you but I want to earn money through blogging. If you need motivation to start blog, I can share few reasons which can motivate you:

  • Money – Nothing motivate human being more than money
  • Fame – everyone is hungry for fame
  • Social impact could be another reason
  • Knowledge Sharing

Or there could be many more reason to start a blog.

Now if you have a motivation to start a blog, there are few questions you should ask before starting a blog.

  • Which platform should I use or blogging like wordpress or blogger (Difference between wordpress and blogger) or any other platform there are many.
  • Topic for your blog
  • What should be your domain name?
  • What kind of design you should follow?
  • Main thing is how to write first blog post?

So in this article I will try to answer all of these questions.

Steps to start a blog

  1. Selecting blog topic
  2. Selecting blogging platform
  3. Domain name and hosting
  4. Selecting blog (I will prefer WordPress)
  5. Design of your blog
  6. Installing WordPress plugins
  7. Write your first blog post
  8. Share your blog with the world
  9. Monetize your blog

How to Start a Blog with No Experience and Make Money Online

This section will address those who knows nothing about blogs or have little bit information about blogs.

Step 1: Pick a Blog name & domain name for the blog

Domain name should be easy.

These things you should remember before buying a domain

  1. Name of your blog possess a great importance in success of your website.
  2. You can get free domains like, but having a domain name like will have charges which are affordable.
  3. Last thing is you can have .org , .net , .in extensions but try to get .com extension it is not hard and fast rule but go for .com if you have an option

Choosing hosting service

Hosting means having a place where you can put your website. If you are selecting wordpress a as a platform this will be the place where you can install wordpress. All your content like articles, images and everything will be store and everyone can access it anytime.

If webhosting goes down, no one will be able to see your content. So select a good hosting providers. Before selecting a hosting service look for these features.

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Free domain name
  3. Unlimited or maximum storage
  4. User friendly cPanel
  5. Live support chat

Setting up your Blog

No you have a domain or hosting, now start setting up your blog.

Step 1: Choose the Right Blogging Platform

First of all select a platform for blogging. I will go with wordpress. Best thing is wordpress can be installed on your website with a single click with your hosting provider. It’s so easy you don’t need to create Database or anything else, just a single click will do everything for you.

We have a complete blog on the difference between wordpress and Blogger. You can read it here for complete guide.

Step 2: Selecting Niche

Choose a topic on which you want to write content, make sure you have a great expertise in that field and that is interesting as well, you will find few niche which are driving more traffic than others, you can go for those niche as well. Like WordPress guide, Health, how to earn money and education.

  • Design of your Blog:

Now we have a blogging platform as well as our niche the next thing is how you can design your blog, you will find different tutorials on Youtube which you can follow to design your niche and if you are looking to get help from experts Amtechx is the one they provide quality Web Development, SEO, Web Designing and Digital Marketing services. 

WordPress Plugins:

After having a blogging platform, all we need is a plugin. It is a very important part for your blog. Plugins help you to do your blogging easily. But the only problem is that there are many Plugins website available from which you just need to choose the website which provides you with the best Plugin themes according to your niche.  

It’s all about the content:

Before you start to write your first blog, you must have a plan. A plan about the content you want to write about and also about the ways you are going to work on your blogging website. Planning is very important as it will help you in organizing the the setup for your website.

How to write your first Blog:

There are some tips that you need to follow in order to write an excellent post. I have shared an article on how to write content. The main objective is to write a post that is user friendly. Following are the few main tips that you can follow to make your post a good one.

  • The main objective is to write the content with an unique idea. To write an article on topic which has some meaning.
  • Write content on which you have proper knowledge about.
  • Write in a language easily understand by the readers.
  • Make sure you write in a way you are talking to a person.
  • Try to cover all the basic and relevant points of the topic.
  • If you can, write more than 1000 words as it will improve your overall SEO score. 
  • Copying and pasting is a crime, try to just take reference from other website but write in your own words.
  • Try to use Google images and videos.
  • Add al the important pages and links on your page.

To write a well written successful blog, you need to add some pages on your website which are listed below:

  • About us Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Page

When you are done generating and developing a website, before putting it live you need to have traffic on your website. To get more audience you need to follow the tips and make sure to write content with suitable keywords that are representing best about the topic of your content. There are many ways like search engines through which we can optimize the website, 

Why People Choose Blogging

People usually do blogging to make money online. It is the easiest way through which people can earn money. There are many website which help you to earn money. They are listed below:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Direct ad sales
  • Amazon program

I hope you understand the idea and have a clear concept how to make money from home.

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