What is CDN and How it Works?

What is CDN and how it works
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Have you ever heard the term CDN? If not, in this article I am going to tell you what is CDN and how CDN works.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It issued to speed up your website. If you ever ask any expert about Increasing Website Speed it will suggest you about CDN. It is the easiest and the most effective method to increase your website speed.

Have you ever checked your website speed on different tools like Google page speed, GT Metrix and similar tools they will definitely suggest you to use CDN to improve your website’s performance.

All those having a good experience in blogging field or people with technical knowledge knows about CDN and its advantages.

Obviously if you are new to blogging, you don’t know about this but by exploring and interacting with your blogger fellows you will come to know many new things which are informative and necessary for your blogging career.

Now I am going to explain CDN (Content Delivery Network ) in detail

Mostly used technique to increase speed of your website is CDN. As you all know speed is one of the main factor in website. As there is a huge competition in every field, reader will not wait for your website to load, they will switch to different website and you will lose your readers gradually and there will be decreased in revenue.

Let’s make it simpler. Every blogger used hosting provided by companies like Godaddy, Bluehost etc. they provide shared hosting, data is stored in some data center which is located somewhere in Asia so when a request is generated for a content it will request the data center to send the required data and all this process takes time which cause delay in opening website.

How CDN works?

There are data centers available for different CDN networks. When a website uses CDN and request generated for a website it gives a call, your website will be available like static images to the readers from the nearest CDN network data center.

With the help of CDN network ping rate and website load time decreased. This is important factor for using Content Delivery Network.

In CDN your data is copied to different data center of CDN so it can be accessed quickly without hurting SEO of your website. The nearest server will send user the required information.

Advantages of CDN

There are so many benefits of CDN like page speed, SEO and expensive hosting cost.

Improve Ranking

If you improve loading speed of your website it will increase the ranking of your website as well. In one of the factors which Google use to rank a website higher is less loading time of a website.

Reduce Hosting Cost

 When you can have all these things in free you will not invest anything on high bandwidth hosting. You will save cost for your hosting you can have fast access to website free of cost without purchasing any expensive hosting.

Conversion and Sales

As discussed earlier page speed is one the important factor for SEO. So pages with high speed will rank higher than those website with low page speed. Your website will be quick enough and CDN will provide this service for you.

Handle High Traffic

High traffic sometimes shows “Internal server error” but one of the benefits of CDN is that it will handle high traffic for you.


So to conclude the topic CDN is an essential in today’s world of competition where every reader is important. CDN has so many benefits and it is good if we use this. I myself on daily marketing planning to use CDN.

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