What is SEO?

what is seo
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In this article we will find out what is SEO and how it works.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means getting a high number of quality traffic to your website through organic search on search engines.

What goes into Search Engine Optimisation?

We have seen what is Search Engine Optimisation. Now let’s talk about what goes into SEO.
There are lots of confusion about what is SEO what comes into SEO. To understand the actual meaning of SEO we are going to break own it’s parts. Three main concepts
1. Quality of traffic: If the traffic is coming from better resources like google and other famous search engines, it means your traffic quality is good.

2. Quantity of traffic: The number of traffic you get on your website.

3. Organic results: by searching keywords on google, if your website shows up and user click on that link it means organic results.

How SEO works?

What do you think of Search engines? A magic box which has an answer to all of your questions and bring everything you need in bulk. Have you ever thought how it works? What are the reasons behind this? Why some links are on the first page and why on the second third and the list goes on? Have you ever got the answer to this why? And how? If not read a long.

Let’s see how it works

Google and other search engines like Yahoo, bing and others have search engine has a crawler. Different search engine has different names for it. But all of them do the same work. The crawler, crawls the internet and gather all the data and store it in databases of respective search engine.

When User search anything on search engine, the algorithm start it’s working and gather all the data according to the user’s query and shows the result on the screen.

There are lot of factors which is checked by search engine algorithm before displaying results.

Then comes the optimization part. This is a tricky part, it requires practice and deep knowledge of how things works. It also include perfect use of keywords. Keywords are the essential part of the SEO. When user’s search for anything the results displayed to them are on the basis of the keywords your website contains and how relatable keywords you are using together. In SEO all these things matter a lot.

Optimization exist in different forms. Just like meta descriptions, title of an article, meta keywords, Keywords used in the content and many other things.

Learning Search Engine Optimisation

Now come to the learning part of the SEO. Here we are sharing some quick tips to teach you how your website can be ranked on google. So let’s dig in.

Building an SEO-friendly site

Once you have started learning SEO, the best way is to apply those techniques. Start form building SEO friendly website. If you are looking to learn how to create a website, you can check it here.

Building website is easy now days due to the various platforms available with so many guides available on the internet.

SEO friendly website means fully optimized website with compressed images, fast loading speed and optimized images. These factors help in building SEO friendly website. 

Content on the Site.

The basic purpose of creating a site is to have a content on the website. Whether it is a blog, portfolio or e-commerce. Content is important, very important. Your content must use relevant keywords. As mentioned above keywords are important, they drive traffic to your website.

The evolution of SEO

There are frequent changes in algorithms of search engines and strategies should be changed with change in algorithms. If you want to be in competition, you need to work hard and be adaptive with everything happening around.

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  1. How can I SEO my educational website. Right now just posting some programs and also noticed that the same type of programs are appearing on multiple website. I can i rank my website in such situation. Waiting for your respose.

    1. Hello Rakesh good to hear from you.
      All you need is to use perfect keywords for your website and create High DA backlinks.
      if you need further assistance, you can drop me an email at [email protected].

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