What is the difference between WordPress and Blogger

What is the difference between wordpress and blogger
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If you are confused between wordpress vs blogger and always a question remain in your mind which platform you should use.

In this article we will choose one WordPress vs blogspot.

 Here it is, an article for you. Let’s find out what is the difference between WordPress and Blogger.

Blogging is a profession which is not new in the market but it has gained popularity and if we compare it with blogging with 5-7 years back. Now it’s easy so more people are willing to join this profession.

One question still arise which platform you should use for blogging because there are plenty of platforms to choose:

WordPress and Blogger

You will find many platforms for blogging but the most common and most used platforms are WordPress and Blogger. They are more easy to use and most common used platform for blogging.

For cost cutting in the beginning people mostly start blogging from blogspot (Blogger and Blogspot are same thing) and when they start earning or when they understand blogging, they shift to wordpress. There are 2 different versions of wordpress

  1. WordPress.com – this is free like blogger
  2. WordPress.org – this is also called self-hosted websites because you need to have hosting servers to host your websites.

Now we are going to find out difference between wordpress (Self-hosted) and blogger. We will also find out which one is better.

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Blogger: Easiest way to create a blog

Blogger was bought by Google in 2003. The main reason of its popularity. The main thing about blogger is it’s free and easy to use. By just simple 2-3 clicks you can create your own blog on blogger

If you want to join blogger, all you need I to create profile which can be logged in by Google account.

Blogger profile
Blogger Profile

Just put your name here which you want to use as an Author

Start new blog on blogger
Start new blog on blogger

By clicking on create new blog you will be asked to name give title to your blog, name of your blog and select layout.

Blogger Layout
Blogger Layout

After this step you will be asked to create new post to start your blogging career. It is as simple as that

Important things to remember:

  • First 100 blogs will be free.
  • Google can delete your blogs any time
  • Gmail id will be required to login into your blogger account
  • There will be so many restrictions.

WordPress: Way to your beautiful Website & Blog

Blogger can be used just for blogging but on the other hand, wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) means you can not only create blogs but any kind of website that too without any coding. WordPress is the most easy and simple way to design any kind of website.

If you are a newbie in blogging you can go for Blogger but later on you have to move to WordPress, because it’s more versatile and large platform then Blogger. It has a minimum cost.

To start blog on wordpress all you need a domain and hosting plan. There are different service provider, you can select any like, hostgator, godaddy. Due to high competition everyone is trying to reduce price to attract users.

There are plenty of perks for using wordpress as your blogging platform.

  1. Unlimited blog posts not like blogger 100 free blogs
  2. You can add unlimited pages
  3. You can add different plugins to create beautiful website.    

WordPress depends on two main things

  1. Theme – The layout your websites, if you don’t know coding don’t worry you can install a wordpress theme and your website is ready to. Some wordpress website themes are paid and some wordpress themes are free. Here you can find free wordpress theme
  2. Plugins – Plugins add functionality to the website like creating a form, adding a calendar etc.

With the help of plugins and themes you can create website with your own requirements without any coding skills.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger Vs WordPress

Now let’s talk about some detail advantages and disadvantages of using both platforms.

First talk about Blogger first


  1. Due to its simple design, it’s very quick and fast and it’s easy to learn
  2. Its free
  3. Its secure
  4. You can easily learn how you can create content.


  1. You cannot show your creativity in blogger
  2. Little customization options
  3. Only first 100 articles are free
  4. No regular updates for improvement

Blogger is less effective if you need to customize it and make it attractive

Advantages of WordPress:

  1. You can create creative and attractive blog on wordpress
  2. It is user friendly an everyone can learn it easily and quickly
  3. It has lot of customization options in the form of themes and plugins
  4. Regular updates for themes and plugins
  5. You can code as well to  make changes as per your requirements

Disadvantages of WordPress:

  1. It initially requires investment because you need a domain and hosting
  2. It is bit insecure as compare to blogger.
  3. Optimization is required to make it work faster.

Which Platform to choose:

You have seen both pros and cons of both platforms, if you can bare initial investment you should surely go for WordPress as it has more options than blogger and it is more professional then blogger.

The options provided by WordPress cannot be compare with blogger as there is a huge difference and if you can’t bare initial investment you can go for blogger but at some point you have to move to wordpress when you reach the limit of free articles.

 Let’s just give it a quick recap:

Blogger – It is a free platform provided by Google. You do not require any initial investment for starting a blog on blogger. However there is a limitation of customizations

 WordPress – This platform requires some initial investment but the services they are providing with that customization huge. You can create attractive and blogs and every kind of website on WordPress

I hope now you understand the difference between WordPress and blogger. I am sure you have made your mind which platform you are going to use.

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